U-PICK PEACHES are coming soon

We have recently introduced peaches into our u-pick family at McKenzie's Farm and have added over 270 peach trees. We now have about 2 Acres of peaches and over 300 trees on the property allowing us to pick peaches through the entire month of August and into early September.

We carry two types of peaches on the farm:

Semi-Clingstone: Early season peaches ripen before Red Havens. They are semi-cling because parts of the flesh stay attached to the pit

​Free Stone: Our first freestone Peach variety is Red Haven. These ripen in the middle of August. Freestone includes all of our varieties after Red Haven. Freestone peaches are great for freezing and canning. They are much easier to work with than clingstone because the flesh falls off easily from the pit.

Please call the farm (603.652.9400) to check picking conditions and availability

Variety & Est. Pick Date

  • Garnet Beauty Aug. 1st
  • Rising Star Aug. 5th
  • Red Haven Aug. 15th
  • Starfire Aug. 20th
  • John Boy II Aug. 25th
  • Coral Star Sep. 1st
  • Harrow Beauty Sep. 5th
  • Glowing Star Sep. 8th